1971, was our beginning. Guadaira Kennels publicly opened for commerce. John Issacs and his wife realized their goal, that of building a business around the field-bred English Springer Spaniel. Years before the doors ever opened, he trained field-bred Springer's for hunting and they raised several litters of puppies. Stationed in England with the United States Air Force, he found access to the very best field-bred English Springer Spaniels available in the world. Once he had one of these dogs, the dog became his passion, and, with the help of his wife, he turned his passion into a profession.

John Isaacs retired from field trial competition in 1996 with the championship of FC Saradynpark Shine. At the end of his career, John had accumulated an impressive list of wins & placements from 1970 to 1996 with some of the Best Springer's that were either imported from England or bred here at Guadaira Kennels.

Quoting John:

I have often wondered over the years what would happen to Guadaira Kennels when I retired. I am Happy to say, I have found a young man that has the greatest desire to do well here at the Kennels. Brent LeMaster came to Guadaira Kennels and I have not been able to get rid of him since. Brent married my daughter Rosalinda, I knew I was stuck then, so I took him out in the field to see what kind of dog man he was. I was very surprised at how he and the dogs took to each other. I gave Brent a German Shorthair Pointer to work with. When the owner came to get the GSP, he was astounded at what we had accomplished in such a short time. I knew right then and there I had found a young man that I was comfortable with turning the kennel over to. If he could train a pointing dog, then he could work with my Springer's.

What John didn't know is I had been training dogs for most of my life (Between Setters, Pointers & Cockers). I'm honored to have been have gained John's confidence to continue the legacy of Guadaira Kennels.

At Guadaira Kennels, our objective is to breed the very best English Springer Spaniels, and place these dogs with discriminating owners of the finest pets, hunting dogs, or field trial prospects. Our bloodlines descend directly from top British and American field champions. I personally oversee an exceptional gun dog training program, proven in field trials and tested by hunters all over the world. Select breeding and quality training make Guadaira Kennels Springer's the top gun dogs available

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