At Guadaira Kennels, our philosophy is ensure each dog we trained is well versed in basic obedience and a retrieve to hand before we begin any field work. The pace of field work is dictated by how the dog absorbs the training (some are fast learners and other are a bit slower). We can customize a training program to suit your hunting needs. We also work on specific problems such as poor retrieving habits, disobedience in the field, gun nervousness, etc... We employ a variety of methods but always use Positive reinforcement and encouragement.

Private Session

The prefect solution for those that want help in training their own dog. Lasting about an hour, we help you and your dog become a great team with our insight and encouragement. We assign drills between sessions to help reinforce the training session.

Cost: $60.00 + Cost of birds

Full Time Training

This option is best for:

  • Hunters of Spaniel, Pointing and Retrieving breeds that want the dog in top shape for the up coming hunting season.
  • Master Spaniel Hunt Test or Field Trial dogs that need to be steadied to wing and shot.
  • A requirement for dogs that we handle at AKC Spaniel Hunt Tests and Field Trials.

If you choose to leave your dog with us for training we require a copy of the shot records, and they MUST be vaccinated for Kennel Cough. Also We would be happy to pick your dog up at the Airport or you can bring them to the Kennel.

We try to provide a weekly to bi-weekly update on the progress your dog is making. However we do encourage emails, texts and phone calls to check in on your dog.

Cost: $600.00 a month + birds


We do offer handling of Spaniels in AKC hunt tests and Springer Field Trials. The dog must be a part of our full time training while we handle them. For new clients we expect to have the dog a minimum of 2 weeks before the first event in order to gain a working relationship with your dog.

We make all he hunt test and field trial entries. The secretaries for the events appreciate all the entries coming in a bulk mailing. These fees are added to your monthly bill. Currently fees range from:

  • Hunt Tests: $60-$70
  • Puppy stakes $35-$40
  • Field Trials $95-$115

We have a $75 handling per event to cover our time and travel expenses.

We will try to provide an update on how your dog did at the event as soon as we know. Our communication may be in the form of Text message, Email or a phone call depending on how many dogs we are handling at the event. We will call you after the event to review the performance.

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